Teen-edge Rep at MMAS Academy

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Teen-edge Rep

Facilitated by Bobby Zupkofska
Suggested Age: 12 – 18
Tuesdays: 4:30pm-6:00pm
Start and End Date: January 7 – April 28, 2020*
Final Performance: Tuesday April 28, 4:30p at the 888 Theatre
Location: 888 South Main Street Studio
Tuition: $240.00 ($216.00/10% discount) ⸭
Monthly Payments: (processed with a credit card.) $62.00/month Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr

Register online or call the Academy at 774-284-4025 (Please call the office to register with a sibling discount)

Teen-edge Rep grew out of first-time teen participants in Rock Divas. What began as an intimate musical theatre class in 2016 blossomed into a large, artistically inclined group of socially-minded young men and women. As the numbers grew, the more evident their collective passion became: a commitment not only to the performing arts but also to socially responsive art. Teen-edge Rep was inspired by their energy.

Teen-edge Rep has two purposes. First, it was developed to train teenagers exclusively in the art of acting: focusing on voice, (breath, projection, diction, language) body, (presence, ensemble-work, character, stillness) intuition (listening, responding, mindfulness) and script scoring (objective, obstacle, environment, relationship, progression). Teen-edge Rep’s secondary purpose is to use ensemble-based plays of topical subject matter on which the participants can rehearse and perform their newly developed skills.

In the spring, students will explore Allison Williams’s Mmmbeth a comedic, gender-bent adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth where nothing goes right. Hilarity ensues when the witches take over the storytelling, Queen Duncan prefers to start a donut franchise, and the murders are more focused on making a commercial for their services. This hilarious take on Shakespeare’s classic will be a wonderful opportunity for students to work on big comedic acting styles. Teen-edge Rep welcomes new and returning students.

Students enrolled in both Teen-edge Rep and Sr. Performance Team receive a 15% discount. ($408.00)
Click here to enroll in both Teen-edge Rep and Senior Performance Team, or call (774)284-4025

* No classes over February (17-21) and April (20-24) vacation but these weeks will be used to make-up classes and lessons lost due to weather related cancellations.
10% discount for members or siblings is available. Discounts can not be combined and apply only to full tuition payment.