Teen-edge Rep

Directed by Bobby Zupkofska & Dori Bryan-Ployer

Suggested Age 12-17

Tuesdays: 4:30-6:00

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REGISTER by phone at (774)284-4025

Teen-edge Repgrew out of first-time teen participants in Rock Divas. What began as an intimate musical theatre class in 2016 blossomed into a large, artistically inclined group of socially-minded young men and women. As the numbers grew, the more evident their collective passion became: a commitment not only to the performing arts but also to socially responsive art. Teen-edge Rep was inspired by their energy.

The love child of Rock Divas, Teen-edge Rep has two purposes. First, it was developed to train teenagers exclusively in the art of acting: focusing on voice, (breath, projection, diction, language) body, (presence, ensemble-work, character, stillness) intuition (listening, responding,mindfulness) and script scoring(objective, obstacle, environment, relationship, progression). Teen-edge Rep’s secondary purpose is to use ensemble-based plays of topical subject matter on which the participants can rehearse and perform their newly developed skills. In the spring of 2019,students will work on the political parody The Election by Don Solidis. The Election begins with a high school president resigning in disgrace, followed by his peer, Mark Davenport, more than confident he will sail into the position in the special election. Of course, elections are never that simple, and Mark will learn that there are no easy wins in politics. A hilarious and timely satire on the contemporary political scene. Teen-edge Repwelcomes new and returning students.

Start and End Date: January 8- April 30, 2019

Open Classroom: Tuesday April 30, 4:30p at the 888 Theatre.

Location: 888 South Main Street Studio

Tuition: $240.00 ($216.00/10% discount)

Monthly Payments: (processed with a credit card.) $62.00/month Jan./Feb./March/April

10% discount for members or 10% discount for siblings.
Discounts cannot be used together and discounts only apply to full tuition payment. 

(Classes will be held over February and/or April break ONLY IF classes are canceled due to weather-related issues.)Students enrolled in both Teen-edge Rep and Rock Divas receive a 15% discount. ($408.00)