2022 Broadway Babies

Saturdays 10:30-11:15
Jan. 8-April 30, 2022

Broadway Babies gives young, curious minds the opportunity to develop their creative muscles. While engaging in the fun activities of play and movement, participants will develop the primary skills of storytelling and the beginning steps of performative work. More info…

2022 Broadway Kids

Saturdays 11:30-12:45
Jan. 8-April 30, 2022

Broadway Kids introduces students to the creative joy of musical theatre targeted to students ages 7-11. Students in Broadway Kids will play theatre games, learn theatre basics, sing, dance, and play an array of characters. This fun, creative class is not to be missed. More info…

2022 Ear Training for the Musical Theatre Performer

Saturday 11:00-12:30

Jan. 8-April 30, 2022

In this course, participants will engage in exercises to develop and strengthen their audio senses. Studies will include basic music theory, helping participants identify pitch and intervolic changes. More info…

2022 Broadway Boot Camp: Musical Theatre Intensive

Saturdays, 1-3pm

January 8-April 30

Broadway Boot Camp is an accelerated course in musical theatre performance intended to challenge the aspiring musical theatre performer in all areas of musical theatre performance. The course gives equal time to voice, choreography, and acting and draws from both traditional and contemporary musical theatre. If you are a musical theatre lover and interested in refining your skills, this course is not to be missed. More info…