Steph Campbell in: Mania Exposé

Friday, Nov 29th or Saturday, Nov 30th at 7:30 PM

An Evening of Song and Storytelling
Written and Performed by: Stephanie Campbell
Special Guests and Local Favorites ‘Radio Daze’ withMatt Tighe, Joseph Rivet, and Zac Casher

Friday, Nov 29th or Saturday, Nov 30th at 7:30 PM
Tickets: $25 in advance or $30 at the door
Location: 888 South Main Street, Mansfield MA 02048

Order tickets online or call the Box Office at 508-339-2822 

“As a professional singer, Steph has a command of the material, the audience, the feeling in the room, and that deep understanding of what it takes to move the human heart. A joy to listen to live, a treat to hear on recordings. As a female singer Steph is a consummate professional. Moody, addicted, and sexy, Stephanie Campbell has all the makings of a great professional singer.” -Mark Kelso, seasoned musician (Muddy Angel Music and Arts.)

While this show will keep you entertained and laughing, it will also leave you moved by her love and wisdom. This show is based on Steph’s life experiences and she speaks (and sings!) about all of it candidly. If you have ever been touched by mental illness, body issues, weight struggles, and who knows what else will come out of her mouth, you will want to spend some time with Steph. You are sure to leave inspired and maybe even ready to kick some butt!

Based on her book Stuffing Myself: The Story of a Food Junkie Book and CD available at performances