Sacred Spaces

“Sacred Spaces” Juried Exhibition

Passages by Mary Wojciechowski

The Morini Gallery at MMAS is committed to supporting our local artists.

Artists were invited to submit work that evokes varied personal expressions of what is sacred in their own style whether it be realism, impressionism or abstract. Themes of sacred spaces may evoke the: Spiritual, Solemn, Meditative, Hallowed, Revered, Religious, etc…

Exhibition dates: April 26th – June 23rd 2019

Opening Reception: Sat., April 27th 2019, 5:00 – 7:00pm

Drop off for selected artwork: April 22nd – 23rd 2019, 10:30am – 4:00pm

Pick up of unsold artwork: June 24th – 25th 2019, 10:30am – 4:00pm

Accepted Artworks:

Sarah Alexander – By the Seat of Her Pants
Sarah Alexander – Step Right Up
Sarah Alexander – Now You’re on the Trolley
N. Lee Ball – Passages
N. Lee Ball – Finding the Way
Heidi Cerullo – “Sacrificed Heart” Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn, Lithuania
Heidi Cerullo – “Scrubbed from Humanity” Zyklon B (Cyclone B- English translation) Gas Chamber, Auschwitz 1943
Cheryl Sauter – “Them”
Betsy Payne Cook – Enlightened
Carol Frieswick – Urn of New Beginnings
Carol Frieswick – He Shineth the Light Down Amongst Us
Anthony George – Heavy Snow
Anthony George – Summer Trellis
Barbara Gordon – Silence
Barbara Gordon – Snow Trees
Joyce Indelicato – Benediction
Joyce Indelicato – Illumination
Carolyn Letvin – Interior #45
Carolyn Letvin – Interior #35
Soren Meibom – Studio of the Dark Arts
Soren Meibom – Deep Thought
Soren Meibom – The Zone
Karole Nicholson – Pendulum
Karole Nicholson – Warm Contemplation
Karole Nicholson – Knowing Truth
Karole Nicholson – Imagining Hope
Clinton O’Dell – Elegy
Clinton O’Dell – Reiteration
Clinton O’Dell – Baptized
Clinton O’Dell – Lotus
Adrian Pickford – Atchafalaya Louisiana (The Spanish Moss)
Cary Rapaport – Through the Labyrinth
Cary Rapaport – Infinite Labyrinth
Victoria Roderick – Awaken
Victoria Roderick – Truth
Tatiana Roulin – Sacred Heart at Night
Tatiana Roulin – Santa Maria Della Salute
Judith Schneider – Blue Beach
Judith Schneider – Flight of the Bumble Bee
Judith Schneider – Sacred Space
John Shin – Untitled
John Shin – The Way
John Shin – God’s Gift
Andrea Warner – La Fuente
Andrea Warner – Eye of the Tiger
Andrea Warner – Moon Shadow
Chris West – The Light Beyond the Door
Mary Wojciechowski – Passages
Mary Wojciechowski – Gloaming
Mary Wojciechowski – Daybreak

Exhibition Rules and Regulations:

1) The Gallery will retain a 30% commission on works sold which is considered a tax deductible donation to MMAS.

2) Accepted work that is framed must be framed appropriately with frames that are in good condition. Frames should be wired approx. 1/3 of the way down from the top of the piece. No saw tooth hangers. We will not accept work that does not meet these guidelines. If pieces do not appear as they did in submission or are not in good gallery-ready condition, the gallery reserves the right not to hang them for the exhibition.

3) Work must remain at the gallery thru the entire exhibition.

4) All entries must be original works of the artist and cannot have been previously exhibited at the Morini Gallery.

5) The gallery reserves the right to exclude works deemed inappropriate.

6) All entries accepted will be eligible for publication in MMAS promotional materials and press releases.

7) By agreeing to these terms, the artist understands that while MMAS handles all work with the utmost care, MMAS is not responsible for loss or damage.

8) Work that is unclaimed after 90 days from the scheduled show pick up date will be considered a donation to the Morini Gallery.

Please fill out an entry label for each work accepted into the exhibit.

Shipped work must arrive no later than January 15th 2019. Please include a return shipping label.

Ship to:

The Morini Gallery
Attn: Close Encounters
377 North Main Street
Mansfield , MA 02048

About the juror:

Sorin Bica is a contemporary artist and curator based in the Boston area, frequently sought for his unique large-scale abstract and figurative paintings. The use of intense color and expressive figures could be seen through-out his work. Sorin Bica was born in Bucharest, Romania where he studied at Scoala Populara de Arta. He began his career drawing political cartoons back in his native country. Moved to the USA in 1988 where he studied art at Worcester State University. He continued to combine the cartoonish drawings with his painting, subsequently resulting in his present style.

Bica’s work can be found in many public, private and corporate collections both in the United States and abroad.

Sorin Bica is an artist resident at SOWA artist Studios in Boston and Saxonville Studios in Framingham, MA.

Sorin Bica is represented by Paula Estey Gallery, Newburyport MA, Barba Contemporary Art, Palm Springs CA.

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