Phyro-Giants July 2022

Phyro-Giants July 2022 (dates TBA)


A one-act play by Michael Blieden
Directed by Becky Smith

To assure a place for new playwrights, lesser-known titles, new works, and a variety of world views, MMAS will house one production per season that matches one or more of those criteria. These productions will be mounted in our newly renovated upstairs studio and designed in true Black Box fashion. In July of 2022, MMAS will mount the one-act play, Phyro-Giants by Michael Blieden.

Phyro-Giants exposes the stories of four friends via a post-dinner conversation. The thirty-somethings examine sex, love, fidelity, and morality while struggling with whether they are on the right path in their lives. All of them, including the waitress who serves them, are relationship-challenged, and as the wine flows, the secrets spill. Suddenly it’s clear that no matter how well we know someone, there are always surprises to be had. Come and give an ear to what people really talk about after dinner.