How the Other Half Loves – Dec. 2-12

How the Other Half Loves – Dec. 2-12

Written by

Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by

Michael McGarty

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Dec. 2, 3, 4 — 8pm

Sunday, Dec. 5 — 2pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Dec. 9, 10, 11 — 8pm

Sunday, Dec. 12 — 2pm

General Admission: $32 | Seniors: $28

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Catherine Haverkampf
Peter McElhinney
Katelyn Miller
Joe Rich
Jessica Rogers
Christian Roulleau


“How The Other Half Loves” is a wild farce which follows three married couples whose lives are hopelessly entwined. Frank employs Bob and William and is considering William for promotion. Bob is having an affair with the boss’s (Frank’s) wife and argues constantly with his own wife, Teresa. Frank and Fiona’s marriage by contrast is polite and distant. Mary thinks (incorrectly) that William, her husband, is having an affair. The plot thickens when each of the adulterous parties, plays host to William and Mary at dinner parties on successive nights, both of which dinners end in disaster. As relations between partners deteriorate, matters become more confused and only the truth can restore order to chaos.

Fiona Foster (late 30s/late 40s): sophisticated, wealthy, self-assured, put together. Bored with her marriage and having a fling with Bob Phillips.
Frank Foster (mid 40s/early 50s): owns the company that employs Bob & William. Sweet, befuddled, absent minded, well-meaning, tries unsuccessfully to fix things around the house.
Teresa Phillips (mid 20s/late 30s): overwhelmed, frustrated and tired with a baby, trying to keep her marriage, home, and life together. Looking for some purpose to her disheveled life.
Bob Phillips (late 20s/early 40s): self-centered, bored, and frustrated in his marriage and home life. Having an affair with Fiona Foster, his boss’s wife.
William Detweiler (early 30s/late 40s): boring, naïve, ambitious, social climber. A control freak when it comes to Mary.
Mary Detweiler (late 20s/early 40s): controlled by William, sheltered, inhibited, timid, nervous, and socially inept.