Creative Movement

Directed by Marissa Stanley
Suggested Ages: 3-6
Saturday: 10:15-11:00

Start and End Date: Sept. 7-Dec. 14, 2019
Location: 377 North Main Street Studio

Creative Movement is a way for children to explore physical expression through music, while improving coordination, channeling energy, stimulating imagination, and promoting creativity. Creative Movement uses body actions to communicate images, ideas, and feelings. Children will develop skills in pathways (zigzag, circular), levels (low, middle, high), and relationships between space (close, near, far). Creative Movement is a joyful way to begin the journey of kinesthetic intelligence.
(Open Classroom-final presention: Saturday, Dec. 14 in the MMAS Studio Time TBA)
Location: 377 North Main Street Studio
Tuition: $195.00 ($175.00/10% discount)
Monthly Payments: (processed with a credit card.) $50.00/month Sept./Oct./Nov./Dec.
10% discount for members or 10% discount for siblings. Discounts cannot be used together, and discount only applies to full tuition payment. There is no class on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019. Make-up class TBA.

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