Spring 2019 Classes

Take the Stage: Moana Princess Party

Love Moana, Maui, and the gang? Then this camp is for you! Act out scenes from the movie, create fun Moana inspired crafts, learn dances and songs such as “How Far I’ll Go,” “Know Who You Are,” and “You’re Welcome.” What better way to escape the cold and spend your February vacation than having fun with Moana at MMAS. Family performance on Friday, February 23rd at 11am.

Adult Tap Spring 2019-(Advanced)

An adult tap workshop to serve the returning and experienced tapper, this eight-week master class will begin with a basic refresher and progress to more advanced combinations and drills. This workshop is perfect for the adult dancer who is looking to brush up on their tap, meet the challenge of some new material, and get a fun workout. The class will begin with a 30-minute warm-up on tap fundamentals including shuffle, flap, cramp roll, triple heel, and riffs – ideal for the tapper returning to class after many years. As fitness levels and tap experience varies, students are welcome to enroll in the warm-up portion of the class only.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is a way for children to explore physical expression through music while improving coordination, channeling energy, stimulating imagination, and promoting creativity. Creative Movement uses body actions to communicate images, ideas, and feelings. Children will develop skills in pathways (zigzag, circular), levels (low, middle, high), and relationships between space (close, near, far). Creative Movement is a joyful way to begin the journey of kinesthetic intelligence.

Broadway Dance

Broadway Dance teaches story-telling through staging and movement. While Broadway Dance borrows from an array of dance genres, it differs from traditional dance in that it is character/plot-driven. Broadway Dance takes the intent of the written text (sung or spoken) and uses dance as a means to heighten emotion, progress the story, and show and resolve conflict. The perfect class for the aspiring musical theatre performer, come be a part of our ensemble in Broadway Dance.

Jazzy Kids

Jazzy Kids is a terrific class for the new or returning dance student. Accompanied with familiar and motivating music, Jazzy Kids will feature a warm-up, floor drills, and a progressive routine to be rehearsed each week. Jazzy Kids will include strength, flexibility, and conditioning technique as well as turns, kicks, and leaps. This class will cover Jazz technique, Jazz vocabulary, and age/ability appropriate movement activities. Join us and learn about one of the most popular genres of dance!