Breaking the Shakespeare Code, Nov. 6-8 – $20

Breaking the Shakespeare Code, Nov. 6-8 – $20

Written by John Minigan
Directed by Michael McGarty

Be intrigued by the story of an acting instructor and student as they explore the critical works of Shakespeare over their 16-year relationship. Elliott Norton Award Nomination, Best New Script, 2014

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Friday, Nov. 6, Saturday, Nov. 7 and Sunday, Nov. 8


Note: You can purchase tickets now, but this video won’t be available until Nov. 6.

Anna, an 18-year-old actress, arrives in a college rehearsal studio to seek out coaching to help land the lead in a production of Romeo and Juliet. She meets an acting instructor, Curt, who provides harsh critique, yet the encounter forms a powerful bond between the two in the psychological drama, “Breaking the Shakespeare Code.” The pair’s 16-year relationship plays out as they deceive and manipulate one another while exploring human nature in some of Shakespeare’s most intricate works.

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