Auditions for Shakespeare’s The Tempest



Directed by: Steven Dooner

Stage Managed by: Sharon Silberman

Audition: Sunday, January 7th 7:00-9:00pm Callbacks: Monday, January 8th, Tuesday, January 9th 7:00-9:00pm

Location: 377 North Main Street, Mansfield, MA


The Tempest is seeking diverse actors with diverse talents!

The Tempest will combine theatrical magic and stage magic to tell Shakespeare’s story. For the audition, actors are welcome to perform a monologue, a magic trick, and/or (if they know how to play a musical instrument) demonstrate as much while singing a short solo or song.  Actors will be asked to read from the script so familiarity with the text is suggested. We are also looking for actors with dance/theatrical movement experience to play fairies and goddesses. Actors should dress comfortably for movement.

Appointments are not required but please forward a headshot and resume to production stage manager, Sharon Silberman at to inform of your intent to audition.

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The exiled Duke of Milan uses his enormous magical powers to bring revenge upon his evil brother and an enemy king, but he does not expect that his daughter will fall in love with the son of his enemy.


Prospero (M or F) 40s-60s age rangeThe former Duke of Milan exiled to a tropical island. He uses his magic to bring all of his enemies–including the wicked brother who overthrew him–to his island for revenge.

Miranda (F) 15-25 Age range The 15 year old daughter of Prospero. She has been raised on a tropical isle since she was three and does not know of her royal heritage. She will fall in love with Ferdinand, the son of a king who had conspired against Prospero.

Ferdinand (M) 15-25 Age range The son of Prospero’s enemy, King Alonzo. Ferdinand will nonetheless fall in love with Prospero’s daughter, Miranda.

Caliban (M or F) 20-40 Age range An island inhabitant, perhaps human, perhaps a monster. He has been an unwilling servant of Prospero since he attempted to “steal the honor” of Miranda.

Ariel (M or F) 18-40 age range A powerful Sprite who had been trapped in a tree for years until Prospero freed him. Now, he serves Prospero with his magic and awaits his imminent freedom.

Antonio (M or F) 20-40 age range Prospero’s younger brother who took over his older brother’s dukedom by conspiring with King Alonso. Prospero says that he awakened the evil nature in his brother by making him run all the affairs of Milan, while he enjoyed studying in his library. After he took over the dukedom, he then set Prospero and Miranda adrift at sea to kill them, but his plan was foiled by old Gonzalo who smuggled provisions on the ship, allowing Prospero to sail to his island.

Sebastian (M or F) 20-40 age range The evil younger brother of Alonzo, who Antonio is seducing into an insurrection against Alonzo.

Alonzo (M) 40s-60 age rangeThe King of Naples and father of Ferdinand. He conspired with Antonio against Prospero.

Gonzalo (M or F) 50s-70s age rangeA good old man who saved the lives of a Duke Prospero and Miranda 15 years before. He too comes to the island with Prospero’s enemies.

Trinculo (M or F) 18-40 age rangeA fool who traveled on the ship with King Alonzo.He joins with Stefano and Caliban in a conspiracy to take over the island.

Stefano (M or F) 25-60 age range A lusty sailor who survives the shipwreck and joins with Caliban and Trinculo in a conspiracy against Prospero to take over the island.

Other characters: 

Boatswain/Fairy (M or F) 20 or older

Sailor/Goddess Ceres/Fairy (F) 20 or older

Sailor/Goddess Juno/Fairy (F) 20 or older

Sailor/Goddess Iris/Fairy (F) 20 or older

Regarding Rehearsal Schedule: Rehearsals will be based on actors’ availability with target nights for rehearsal being Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. We will be flexible though.