Auditions for “Hair: the musical”

MMAS proudly announces auditions for the musical HAIR

Director: Meg Quin Dussault
Music Director: Shannon Stiles

MMAS is seeking actors and singers of all ages* races, genders, orientations, and cultures for Hair, the musical. Auditions will take place on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, at the Black Box Theater, 377 North Main Street, Mansfield. Callbacks will be on Wednesday, February 7, 2018, at 7 pm.

To schedule an audition email production stage manager, Sharon Silberman at

*Because Hair confronts issues with race, freedom of speech, drug use, and may contain partial nudity, we will require actors be age 18 or older. 

Please prepare a 1-minute song or song excerpt in the up-tempo rock style of the show and be prepared to read a monologue of our choosing. Song selections from the show are welcome but not required. No a cappella singing.

Hair will rehearse in Mansfield twice a week, with an occasional third day added closer to the production dates. Rehearsal days will be established after cast conflicts are reviewed. Production dates are: April 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, May 3, 4, 5, 6.

About “Hair”

Hair, with Lyrics by James Rado & Gerome Ragni and Music by Galt MacDermot, is the musical story of a group of hippies who celebrate peace and love in the shadow of the Vietnam War. The loose plotline centers on Berger, the charismatic leader of the “tribe” and Claude, a sweet-natured guy from Queens who’s about to be drafted. Other memorable characters include Berger’s war protester girlfriend Sheila, lovable flower child Crissy, Mick Jagger fan Woof, Claude’s straight-laced parents and many more. But the real star of Hair is the rocking score, which includes such classic hits as “Let the Sun Shine In,” “Aquarius” and “Good Morning Starshine.”

GEORGE BERGER (Rock Baritone/Tenor) the charismatic tribe leader; sings “Donna” and “Hair”

CLAUDE (Rock Baritone/Tenor) the young soldier going off to war; sings “Manchester

England” and “Where Do I Go”

SHEILA (Rock Alto/Belter) NYU student and passionate protester. The most intelligent of the tribe; a strong voice and presence.

JEANIE (Alto) Wise, passionate, quirky, caring.

CRISSY (Mezzo) A young lovelorn flower child.

DIONNE (Soul/Rock Alto/Mezzo Belt) African-American – Energetic and fun. Great with comedy.

HUD (Soul/Rock Baritone/Tenor) African-American High energy, spiritual performer with a strong presence.

WOOF (Rock Baritone/Tenor) Loves life and Mother Earth. High energy, versatile comic performer

Other “Named” roles (various vocal ranges): Steve, Ron, Leata, Paul, Walter, Hiram, Hubert, Suzannah, Mary, Emmaretta, Diane, Margorie

TOURIST COUPLE Margaret Mead and husband. Strong comic timing. Margaret sings “My Conviction.”

THE TRIBE (All Ethnicities/various vocal ranges): This is not a typical musical chorus, as the entire cast is a true ensemble. Tribe members sing lead in many featured songs including “Aquarius”, “Black Boys”, “White Boys”, “Walking in Space”, “Electric Blues”, etc., and play many roles in the show including the principals, parents, historical figures, and more. Energetic, creative performers with heart and passion.