Our Next Chapter

Dear MMAS community,

COVID-19 has changed the shape of our lives and many businesses in the last year. This past year has prompted us to consider what the financial and artistic future of MMAS should look like. We are proud to say our future looks strong!!!

Thanks to the ingenuity and vision of our MMAS volunteers and staff, we had a successful summer of outdoor concerts and stand-up comedy nights and on-going Academy Programs. We also added a streaming platform that allowed us to host and replay several successful pre-recorded and live streaming events. Our 2021 season will look different, with more pre-recorded events, but it’s happening!

As we look forward, we found an opportunity to boost our financial stability, while still being able to work toward our vision to grow and expand.

With that in mind we have made the decision to not maintain two physical venues. At the end of December we moved out of our 377 North Main street location. A FOR LEASE sign will go up soon, but we want to ensure you that MMAS remains alive and well with all operations, classes, and performances anchored at 888 South Main Street in Mansfield.

We spent a memorable 16 years at “The Black Box.” MMAS experienced exponential growth in those years. In 2006 we held our first musical production, “A…My Name is Alice.” In 2009, we expanded from 50 seats to 75, added a lobby, a gallery, and additional studio rehearsal space.

It is indeed the end of an era. The deep nostalgia of that Black Box will be missed. But similar to our expansive vision for that space in 2004, MMAS has always had a strategic plan to continue growing and expanding and building a state-of-the-art theatrical venue for all of southeastern Massachusetts. The purchase of the 888 South Main Street in 2018 was the first step in that plan, and from that time has been considered our permanent home. This land, the building, and the location represents untapped opportunity to grow in ways the current Black Box limits us.

Over the next several months, while our country gets vaccinated, we’ll be hard at work on a modest renovation at 888 South Main Street, reinventing the Black Box Theatre experience in our new space while providing quality theater and dance classes without interruption, thanks to the dedicated Academy staff.

We look forward to the day when we open our doors and invite you back into the magic of live, in-person productions at MMAS.  Until then, we ask for your continued financial support of our streaming productions and our upcoming annual gala, April 30th.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend in our exciting new VIRTUAL setting, complete with VIP rooms, online bidding, and special guest performances.

Thank you for embracing MMAS. The best is yet to come!

Ken Butler