2021 Teen Edge: The Crucible

2021 Teen Edge: The Crucible

Directed by: Bobby Zupkofska

Ages: 12-17

Tuesdays: 4:00-6:00

Start and End Date: Sept. 7-Dec. 14, 2021

Location: The First Baptist Church 52 North Main Street, Mansfield MA 02048

Tuition: $280.00

4 Monthly Payments: (processed with a credit card) $72.00 per month + 2.75% convenience fee.

For information about this class, please call The Academy at 774-284-4025 or email Director of Education Dori Bryan-Ployer at doribryan@verizon.net.

Using age appropriate, ensemble-based material, participants in Teen-Edge will have the opportunity to work on monologues, scenes, and group work. The work will focus on acting: focusing on voice, (breath, projection, diction, language) body, (presence, ensemble-work, character, stillness) intuition (listening, responding, mindfulness) and script scoring (objective, obstacle, environment, relationship, progression). Teen-edge Rep’s secondary purpose is to use ensemble-based plays to provide participants vehicles on which develop their acting skills. In the fall of 2021, Teen-Edge will be working on material from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Set during the Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible exposes the power of paranoia and scapegoating, as a group of young girls accuse members of the puritan town of witchcraft. Considered a central work of the American Drama canon, this semester’s Teen-Edge class is “not to be missed.”


THANKSGIVING VACATIONS: There will be no classes held on Wednesday, Nov. 24, Thursday, Nov. 25, and Saturday Nov. 27 as this is traditionally a heavy travel time for families. Class hours will be made up at the discretion of the instructor.

MASK PROTOCOLS: Unvaccinated Students and visiting family members to MMAS are required to wear masks.

FINAL PERFORMANCES: We are hoping to present live performances at the end of the semester. Streaming is always a safe possibility depending on recommendations at that time. We will evaluate as the semester progresses.

CLASS MINIMUMS: 5 Participants

CLASS MAXIMUMS: 16 Participants

AUTO-PAY: To enroll in a monthly payment plan, check AUTO-PAY when you register.

MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Following registration, monthly payments will be charged to your account, the 1st of October, November, and December of 2021.