Video Hip-Hop

Late Registration may still be possible. Please call 508-339-2822

weekdays 10 AM-4 PM or email for details

Video Hip-Hop

Directed & Choreographed by Vincent Ratsavong

Suggested Ages 12-17

Saturdays 11:30-12:45

Video Hip-Hop is a high-energy dance course that combines Street Style Dance, Hip-Hop Fusion, Voguing, Locking and Popping, Old School, New Wave, Free Style, Urban Groove, Contemporary and Jazz techniques. The popularity of Hip-Hop dance has much to do with the infectious music it uses and that it has proven an art form with very few boundaries. Students are welcome to participate regardless of prior dance training or experience. Students will immediately recognize familiar dance styles married together so that when one dance ends another begins. Video Hip-Hop will begin with a warm-up to improve flexibility, strength, and stamina and move into floor progressions and routines. The group will spend the last portion of class working on a movement piece that is staged to a range of music specific to Hip Hop culture. Video Hip-Hop will perform for family and friends in an open classroom setting on Saturday, Dec.16 from 11:00-12:45 at MMAS’s new theatre at 888 South Main Street, Mansfield MA 02048.

Start and End Date: Sept 9, 2017-Dec. 16, 2017

Location: 377 North Main Street, Mansfield MA –  Studio Room

  • Tuition: $220 ($198/10% discount) or
    $57.00/month Sept./Oct./Nov. /December

*10% discount for members or 10% discount for siblings. Discounts cannot be used together and discount only applies to full tuition payment.

Minimum Enrollment: 8 participants.