The MMAS Jr. Choir (ages 8-12)

The MMAS Jr. Choir

Directed and Conducted by Derrick Lacasse

Suggested Ages 8-12

Saturdays 9:30-10:30


Do you have a youngster at home who will not stop singing? Well, MMAS has the perfect spot for your enthusiastic warbler – The MMAS Jr. Choir! This unique offering uses fun, easy to perform exercises that teach vocal fundamentals including proper breathing, posture, ear training, and basic music theory that will be put to immediate use through group singing. Used as either a complement to or stepping stone toward private voice lessons, The MMAS Jr. Choir is a fun and affordable way to train young voices and prepare aspiring singers for a lifetime of healthy, enjoyable vocal expression. The MMAS Jr. Choir will perform for family and friends on Saturday May 5th – time TBA.


Start and End Date: Saturday January 13th-Saturday May 5th, 2018

Location: 888 South Main Street Studio

Tuition: $195.00 ($175.00/10% discount) or

$50.00/month January, February, March, April

10% discount for members or 10% discount for siblings. Discounts cannot be used together and discount only applies to full tuition payment.

Minimum Enrollment: 5 participants.

(Classes will be held over February and/or April break ONLY IF classes are canceled due to weather-related issues.)

CLICK HERE to enroll online
or enroll by phone at 508-339-2822 during business hours