Cast of Rumors 2015


The New England Repertory Company’s production of Rumors, a Neil Simon comedy, opens this Friday, April 24 and will run for three weekends.  Tickets are selling fast for this production directed by Beth Goldman.  The play features Joseph Carlone, Alan Conway, Julie Cline,  David Giagrando, Mike Kiernan, Mike Legge, Ken Levy, Cindy McCarron, Barbara Pettis and Alice Springer. 


April 24 – May 10,  2015

Neil Simon’s first farce, Rumors, is the story of a 10th anniversary party that goes horribly and hilariously astray. Abiding by Murphy’s law of “if it can go wrong, it will,” Rumors  begins as the Gordons arrive at the house of New York Deputy Mayor Charlie Brock for his 10th wedding anniversary to Myra Brock; trouble is, Myra is missing. As more guests arrive, further chaos ensues.

Rumors  is a New England Repertory Company production, directed by Beth Goldman.