Our Town Character Descriptions

Our Town Character Descriptions:

Stage Manager – The host of the play and the dramatic equivalent of an omniscient narrator.

George Gibbs – Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs’s son. A decent, upstanding young man, George is a high school baseball star who plans to attend the State Agricultural School after high school.

Emily Webb – Mr. and Mrs. Webb’s daughter and Wally’s older sister. Emily is George’s schoolmate and next-door neighbor, then his fiancée, and later his wife.

Dr. Gibbs – George’s father and the town doctor. Dr. Gibbs is also a Civil War expert.

Mrs. Gibbs – George’s mother and Dr. Gibbs’s wife.

Mr. Webb – Emily’s father and the publisher and editor of the Grover’s Corners Sentinel.

Mrs. Webb – Emily’s mother and Mr. Webb’s wife. At first a no-nonsense woman who does not cry on the morning of her daughter’s marriage, Mrs. Webb later shows her innocent and caring nature.

Mrs. Soames – A gossipy woman who sings in the choir along with Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Gibbs.

Simon Stimson – The choirmaster, whose alcoholism and undisclosed “troubles” have been the subject of gossip in Grover’s Corners for quite some time

Rebecca Gibbs – George’s younger sister.

Wally Webb – Emily’s younger brother.

Howie Newsome – The local milkman.

Joe Crowell, Jr. – The paperboy

Si Crowell – Joe’s younger brother, also a paperboy.

Professor Willard – A professor at the State University who gives the audience a report on Grover’s Corners.

Constable Warren – A local policeman. Constable Warren keeps a watchful eye over the community.

Sam Craig – Emily Webb’s cousin.

Joe Stoddard – The town undertaker.