Open Mic Nights

Open Mic Nights at MMAS

General Admission is $10, Performers $5: Tickets sold at the door

openmicgenericNext Up:

 Saturday, Mar. 4, 2017,  featured performers: 2nd Precinct Jug Band. Musicians local to Sharon, MA (originally the 2nd Precinct of Stoughton) who bring a variety of instrumentation to an evolving list of folk, rock and blues songs.



The theme will be “Moving On” – Getting over someone, breaking up, leaving home, losing someone, etc.


 Future Dates:

Saturday, Apr. 8, 2017,  featured performer: Melissa Fine, a teenage musician and recording artist, brings her fresh, fiery, and fierce perspective to pop music.


The theme is “Songs & Poetry of Empowerment.”

Saturday, May 20, 2017, featured performer: Bob Davidson. singer, acoustic guitarist and storyteller has been a staple of the MMAS open mic since its inception in 2010.  He’s a consummate “theme” player who thoughtfully prepares for every performance.  With his gentle style and wit, Bob always makes us smile.


The theme is “On this Day in History” – Songs or Poems that relate to something that happened on May 20 in history.

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