BAND Open Mic information for BANDS

For all inquiries about the BAND Open Mic and to sign-up (after reading everything below) contact

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MMAS Arts Center at Great Woods is located at 888 South Main Street Mansfield, across the street from the Xfinity Center.  See more at

BAND Open Mic Night Info:

  • Time slots are 4-song sets/20-minute limit
  • Bands only please.  Minimum 3 members – no solo/duo acts.
  • Performers $5, General Audience $10. MMAS is a non-profit organization supporting the arts.
  • We provide full PA system, guitar amps, bass amp, di boxes, full drum set, electric piano. You must use equipment provided. This minimizes messing with gear and maximizes performance time. Keep it simple and have fun!
  • The order of performance is determined by random drawing at the beginning of the night.  Your full band is expected to be present at the 7 pm start time.  If your full band is not present at the beginning, you will be placed in the last time slot.

MMAS has many gig opportunities for bands. Bands that bring a crowd, get noticed. Bands that drop in, play and leave without supporting their fellow musicians also get noticed. Just sayin’… don’t be that group  ; ) 

Please support MMAS by enjoying pizza and drinks!


Respond now to guarantee your spot by emailing Rudy at

Please provide the following information:

  • Contact name, first and last.  Only one contact per group please
  • Email address for the contact person
  • Cell # optional
  • Name of Band
  • Type of music
  • Band website, Facebook page, YouTube, etc., whatever you have online (no worries if you don’t have online content)
  • How many members
  • What instruments
  • How many vocal mics needed