Music by Jenny Giering, Book & Lyrics by Beth Blatt

Directed by Michael McGarty
Music Directed by Nate Newton


Tuesday, June 19 & Wednesday, June 20, 7 PM – 9 PM
Callbacks to be announced
Audition Address: 888 South Main Street, Mansfield, MA
Audition Contact: Michael McGarty

Auditions are an open call without appointments. Email the contact above for links to be able to listen to music from the show and to receive audition sides. Please submit resume/headshot at your audition. Please bring music to sing a ballad that shows the best qualities of your voice. We will be cold reading from the show. There is no dance audition necessary for this show. If you are unable to attend the preliminary audition but are still interested in auditioning, please let us know and we will schedule you for an alternative time


The Mistress Cycle tells the story of five women: The main character is Tess, a photographer in New York who is offered a proposition by a wealthy, attractive, older man to be “kept” as his mistress. As she processes her reaction to this, “other women” from different cultures and eras come to share their stories: a young Chinese concubine from the 12th century; Diane de Poitiers, royal mistress to King Henri II in the 15th century France; Lulu White, successful bordello Madame in turn-of-the-last-century New Orleans; and Anais Nin, famous diarist and infamous sexual adventurer (and bigamist) in the mid 1900’s.
The show offers vocally and emotionally rich material for women of different ages, vocal types and ethnicities. Though they come from different times and cultures, they share a sisterhood. It’s an intelligent new musical work filled with stories of passion, compromise, heartbreak and renewal.

Character descriptions.

Tess Walker, a contemporary Manhattan photographer, a struggling 30-something photographer living in Manhattan, who is made an offer by a wealthy, older man to “keep her” as his mistress.

Anais Nin, the famed sexual adventurer/erotic journal-writer of the early 20th century (Age 25-50)

Diane de Poitiers, the mistress of King Henri II of 16th century France (Age 25-50)

Lulu White, a turn-of-the-century New Orleans bordello Madame. African American (Age 30-50)

Ching, a young concubine in 12th century China. Asian (Age 18 – 30)


Rehearsals primarily 3X per week except tech week and worked around actor’s schedules as much as possible. Performances from Sept. 7 – Sept. 23.