Picasso at the Lapin Agile Character Descriptions

Picasso at the Lapin Agile Character Descriptions:

Freddy — Male (25-35). Freddy is the owner and bartender of the Lapin Agile-He is gullible, but has occasional bouts of genius; an ordinary guy.

Gaston — Male (an older man). A bit of a dirty old Frenchman with prostate problems (“I have to pee!”)-Gaston was a philanderer in his day, interested in drinking and sex.

Germaine — Female (25-30). Freddy’s girlfriend-A wise girl who knows her way around; somewhat bored with life.

Albert Einstein — Male (25). [Age may be open to someone who reads older; he is 25, but according to the script looks much older].- Albert is an idealistic nerd and passionate about his work. He is enthusiastic, but not boastful or arrogant.

Suzanne — Female (18-25). A young ingénue type. Suzanne is somewhat naïve, although she doesn’t think so; may double as a female admirer.

Sagot — Male (age open, likely over 30). An art dealer, the character of Sagot is open to interpretation — but must bring energy to the role.

Picasso — Male (23)-He’s arrogant, pompous, and egotistical — but with a smattering of insecurities showing through. A lady’s man, with very little regard for the women he uses (then casts aside).

Charles Dabernow Schmendiman — Male (25-30). Charles is a crazy inventor — think “wild and crazy guy.” Schmendiman thinks all kinds of nutty stuff-Must have excellent comedic timing and be able to play way over the top.

The Countess — Female (25-30). She’s Einstein’s lady interest. The Countess is rich, but also a nerd and quirky; may double as a female admirer.

A female admirer — Female (25-30)-She’s a huge fan of Schmendiman; may double as the Countess or Suzanne.

A Visitor — Male (25). A young Elvis; must be able to impersonate Elvis physically, especially the hip move-This role does not sing.