June 26- July 5,  2015

The seminal event in American history blazes to vivid life in this most unconventional of Broadway hits. 1776  puts a human face on the pages of history, as we see the men behind the national icons: proud, frightened, uncertain, irritable, charming, often petty but ultimately noble figures determined to do the right thing for a fledgling nation.

Centered around John Adams as well as Benjamin Franklin, Richard Henry Lee, and Thomas Jefferson, 1776  follows their attempt to persuade the members of the second Continental Congress to vote for independence from the British monarchy by signing the Declaration of Independence.

A funny, insightful, and compelling drama with a striking score by Sherman Edwards and legendary book by Peter Stone,1776  is directed by Judi Kotta with music director Anthony Torelli and stars Ken Butler as he reprises his role as John Adams.

1776  will be performed at the Bethany Congregational Church at 3 Rockhill St. Foxborough, with evening shows beginning at 7:30pm and matinées on June 28th, July 4th and 5th beginning at 3:00pm.

sized-for-paper 1775 cast








Diana-KenJohn Adams- Ken Butler – Abigail Adams Diana Doyle


























John Adams- Ken Butler, Thomas Jefferson- Brian Gustafson, Ben Franklin-Peter Molitor

John Adams- Ken Butler
Abigail Adams- Diana Doyle
Thomas Jefferson- Brian Gustafson
Martha Jefferson- Laura Gustafson
Ben Franklin- Peter Molitor
John Hancock- Brendon Auld
John Dickinson- Ted Koban
Edward Rutledge- Greg Smith
Richard Henry Lee- Ted Mitchell
Stephan Hopkins- Kevin Hayes
Andrew McNair- Craig O’Connor
Roger Sherman- Joe Casey
Charles Thomson- Wayne Nettnay
The Courier- Mike Davis
Judge James Wilson- Steve Slate
George Read- Anthony Rinaldi
Lewis Morris- Bruce Fischer
Rev John Witherspoon- Jon Pierce
Samuel Chase- Joe LaGreca
Caesar Rodney- Richard Butler
Joseph Hewes- Howard Berkenblit
Dr Lyman Hall- Fred Armstrong
Robert Livingston- Paul Bono
Col. Thomas McKean- David Lambert
Dr Josiah Bartlett-Robert Ellis Smith
Leather Apron- Luke Lawson